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The days are long gone of having clothes dry on the back of sofas, counter tops and draped all over the house thanks to the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet!




Deciding how best to dry delicate, expensive or sequined clothing, swimsuits, rubber-backed rugs, pillows, coats, or even running shoes can be a challenge.

Tumble dryers are not the best option.

Luckily, Staber Industries has resolved this dilemma with its brand new product that preserves your wardrobe while saving time and energy costs — Staber Residential Drying Cabinet.


Don’t let your garments and attire fall short of what they’re truly worth.

Increase the life expectancy of your clothing with proper drying.



your Staber drying cabinet today!




What is a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet?

Considered the best option for drying clothes in Europe, drying cabinets offer all the benefits of an accelerated clothes line – right inside your home!

A drying cabinet is an electrical machine designed to expedite the drying of items – usually clothing – that are unsuitable for a traditional clothes tumble dryer. Such items may include delicate clothing designated as “hang dry”, “dry flat” or “do not tumble dry” on their wash instructions, as well as items such as comforters, jackets, snow attire, boots and coats.

Popular in Europe for decades, drying cabinets are specially-designed electrical machines built to offer an alternative to drying your clothes. Though drying cabinets have traditionally been used to dry delicate articles, a drying cabinet can be used to comfortably dry nearly anything.

Originally used as appliances in critical-use situations like laboratories, hospitals, and fire departments, drying cabinets are now adapted for residential use as well. Drying cabinets are the perfect answer for delicate items that are recommended for “hang dry,” “flat dry,” or clothes that should not be tumble dried.

Why a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet?

The Staber residential drying cabinet is designed to dry items that are not recommended to be tumble dried.

It performs like an accelerated clothes line allowing clothing and garments to last longer without the excessive wrinkle action like a traditional tumble dryer. Traditional tumble dryers will fade away the color of your clothes while the Staber residential drying cabinet keeps your clothes looking fresh, new and vibrant! The drying cabinet also uses less energy compared to the traditional dryer.

One of the many benefits of the drying cabinet is that it offers high capacity and variable power settings, allowing you to save time and money when it comes to your laundry. Available in white powder coated finish and stainless steel, you are sure to find the right drying cabinet to compliment your home.

For over 20 years, Staber Industries has been the leader in creating household appliances for multiple purposes – including drying cabinets! See our products to learn more about why a drying cabinet is the perfect addition to your home.



Using a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet will:

  • reduce wrinkled clothing
  • help prevent shrinkage
  • preserve clothing life
  • protect clothing colors
  • expend less energy than a traditional dryer



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Multiple heat settings and timed drying allows you to keep your clothes vibrant and fresh, at the same cost as a traditional dryer. The choice is clear: drying cabinets offer a better choice at a similar operating price.

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Considered the best option for drying clothes in Europe, drying cabinets offer all the benefits of an accelerated clothes line – right inside your home!

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