Have you been enticed by the sleek, mysterious design of the drying cabinet? You’ve seen all the come hither pictures and heard all the arousing stories about how they work so well at drying delicate clothing, winter coats and shoes (yes, shoes). Do tiny beads of sweat begin to form on your temple when you consider the possibility of an in-home blanket or towel-warmer? Do the mouth-watering prospects of lowering your energy bill while making your green mark threaten to send you over the edge? If you’re thinking about stepping out on your tumble dryer, be careful, these 7 excuses could get you caught with your pants down… but unwrinkled.

Scandinavians Do It Better

In case you didn’t know, the sheer genius of the drying cabinet has Scandinavian origins. Northern Europeans, the front-runners and trendsetters in keeping things green and Eco-friendly, don’t think twice about taking advantage of the convenience of drying cabinets, in conjunction with tumble dryers, to care for more delicate clothing and give energy consumption an occasional rest. So, it’s no surprise why countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are leaders when it comes to energy efficiency and the overall reduction of carbon emissions. We could learn a lot from the Nords.
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