If you have spent money on high end clothing, and worry about the best way to care for and store your fashion then you need to be introduced to the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet. Made right here in America, Staber Industries is the only manufacturer of this amazing product to offer it here in the United States.

The SRDC, as we call the Drying Cabinet here at the home office, is a versatile and attractive machine that is a perfect high end finish for your laundry room or closet. It provides temperature and environmental controlled, timed drying of your high end garments without the battering of a tumble dry dryer. Using the Staber Drying Cabinet will add years of life to your dresses, sweaters, gowns, blouses, slacks and more. And it is not just for women’s clothes. Men’s suits, shorts, and sweaters all keep wonderfully in the Drying Cabinet.

Another use for the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet becomes apparent is you live in a climate where snow falls. After coming in from playing in the clothes how many kids (and kids at heart) have wet, soaking mitten, gloves, boots and more. These things don’t do so well in a tumble dryer. The Drying Cabinet however, get these things dried out fast and evenly without damaging them at all.

So, as good as the Staber Drying Cabinet looks in your home, it works even better, with many uses, all of which will make your life easier. Check out more info on the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet today.    JOHN HALL, STABER Industries

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