Let’s face it: doing laundry is a chore… especially when washing and drying delicate “hand-wash and line-dry only” clothing. Thankfully there is a new, innovative solution that now makes doing laundry a breeze: the drying cabinet.

Now that laundry rooms are slowly making their way from basements to a purpose built room on the upper floor, staying organized isn’t always easy. However, with a built-in drying cabinet, you can complete this everyday-chore while keeping the interior of your home looking sleek and esthetically appealing.

Besides helping your home look good, drying cabinets serve dozens of other functional purposes. Here are the top three:

•    Drying cabinets operate like an accelerated clothes line. Because drying cabinets include a dehumidifier or mechanical ventilation, you can safely dry you clothes in a fraction of the time common clotheslines typically require.
•    They are easy to use. Drying cabinets take the same amount of effort as common drying machines. You simply place you clothing inside, press start and walk away. Better yet – drying cabinets can easily and safely dry clothing that typical dryers can’t, like wintertime clothes, delicate fabrics and more.
•    They are more energy efficient then typical drying machines. Staber drying units include a 1,200-watt heating element, which uses significantly less energy than common dryers. This means doing your laundry can now save you money on your electric bill.

So stop wasting time, money and effort with the hassle of laundry – install a drying cabinet in your home today. Contact Staber Drying Cabinets and discover the benefits a drying cabinet can have in your home.

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