Do you want your clothes to last longer, look nicer, and feel better? Are you looking for a simple, elegant solution? A drying cabinet is the answer. Using a drying cabinet is more convenient than line drying your clothes, and more gentle than tumble-drying them.
Which Clothes Should You Put In A Drying Cabinet
Drying cabinets can be used for almost all of your clothing, but they are especially suited to clothes that could be damaged in a traditional tumble-dryer.
Use a drying cabinet for:
•    Clothing made of 100% cotton
•    Silk and rayon fabrics
•    Wool clothing
•    Clothing with lace or gauze
•    Any delicate clothing you are worried about damaging in the dryer
In some cases, wash your clothes by hand instead of in the washing machine before hanging them in the drying cabinet. Read and follow the instructions that are on your clothing labels for best results.

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