1. Why Do I Need a Drying Cabinet?
2. What You Need From a Drying Cabinet
3. The Benefits of a Drying Cabinet

In the modern world, washing and drying clothes is a part of life, but with a drying cabinet, you can really elevate your laundry habits to an exciting new level.

At Staber Industries, you are sure to find the drying cabinet you need for your laundry. Our company is devoted to helping our customers experience the joy of a high quality drying cabinet to fit their personal needs.

Though the traditional dryer will work for some of your items, more delicate pieces require a more delicate touch. This is where the drying cabinet truly shines, and can make a huge difference for your clothes.
The History of Drying Cabinets
Drying cabinets have a long history in Europe with a consistent presence in their Laundromats since the 1980’s, but as houses in the US become larger, and the demand for delicate (and quick) drying increases, drying cabinets have made the transition into the modern laundry room.

Drying cabinets have huge benefits over other drying methods because they maintain the integrity of delicate clothing, and even large items like comforters throughout the drying process.

They also allow for quick drying that simply can’t be obtained through a traditional clothing line while still maintaining the best condition possible after multiple washes.
Working with Staber
At Staber Industries, we offer the best drying cabinets in the world, so you can count on a quality product that you will use for years to come. Contact us today to find the right drying cabinet for your home!

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