Frequently Asked Questions About Drying Cabinets


What can I dry in my drying cabinet?

You can dry nearly any type of clothing in your Staber Residential Drying Cabinet! This includes all types of clothes, including wool, silk, suede, leather, sport coats, delicates, and more. If you can wash it in your home, you can dry it in a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet!

Does my drying cabinet need to be vented?

If your drying cabinet is built in custom cabinetry with cabinets or shelves above the unit, then yes we recommend venting.  The intake and exhaust are located on top of the cabinet. If your drying cabinet is in an area with substantial area or an open space above the exhaust port then venting is not recommended.

Is a drying cabinet okay for all types of fabric?

Yes! A Staber Drying Cabinet can be used to dry all types of fabric – including clothes that incorporate multiple materials.

What is the total capacity of a drying cabinet?

A Staber Residential Drying Cabinet can fit an entire load of laundry in the cabinet. However, the more you load into your cabinet, the longer it will take to dry. Heavier items, like towels and comforters, may need to go into the drying cabinet alone.

Do I still need to iron my clothes after being put in a drying cabinet?

Not necessarily! A Staber Residential Drying Cabinet will remove nearly all the wrinkles in your garments – allowing you to take them out of the drying cabinet, and wear immediately. However, if you want your items to be completely wrinkle free, you can still iron your items directly from the drying cabinet if you please.

Can a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet be used for items not acceptable for tumble drying?

The Staber Residential Drying Cabinet is perfect for items that aren’t recommended to go into a tumble dryer, including wool and silk garments. With five different heat options, you’ll be able to pick the perfect setting for your clothes.

Is it more efficient to run a drying cabinet instead of a tumble dryer?

For a full load of laundry, it costs about the same to run a drying cabinet versus a tumble dryer. But for smaller laundry loads of delicates, it’s actually more cost effective to run a drying cabinet instead of a tumble dryer!

Why should I get a drying cabinet instead of a tumble dryer?

Drying cabinets are not only cost effective, but allow your clothes to stay vibrant and fresh longer! And drying cabinets do not damage  your clothing during drying, like the tumble drying process. Learn more about drying cabinets at our Drying Cabinets page.

Does the Staber Residential Drying Cabinet come with a warranty?

Yes! Staber Residential Drying Cabinets come with a full one year limited warranty. If something should happen to your drying cabinet in the first year, help is only a phone call away.

Can I dry outdoor clothing (coats, boots, etc.) in my drying cabinet?

Yes! Staber Residential Drying Cabinets are perfect for drying wet/snow outdoor clothing, such as overcoats and boots. For those who want to dry shoes with ease, order a shoe rack for your residential drying cabinet.

Is it easy to get parts and service for a Staber Residential Drying Cabinet?

Yes!  Getting parts and service for your Staber Residential Drying Cabinet is easy. Simply call our customer service number, (800) 848-6200, and our friendly customer service representatives will help you arrange everything you need.

What do I need to install my drying cabinet?

The Staber residential drying cabinet comes completely assembled.. Simply follow the instructions and you will be up and running in no time!

How much space is required for a drying cabinet?

Our residential drying cabinets are 67 ½” tall, 23 ½” wide, and 24 ¼” deep.

Why should I buy a drying cabinet built by Staber Industries?

For over 30 years, Staber Industries has been a leader in providing products to the residential community. Learn more at our about us page to see why we’re the leader in Residential Drying Cabinets!

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