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“My husband and I are professionals and we travel frequently. We were very concerned about the 5000% increase in bed bug problems over the last ten years. We had been told by extermination companies that the average cost of getting rid of them if you brought them into your home is around $4000. They are everywhere now, even in the top hotels. They know no class distinction. They are more frequently found in large cities, but still can be found anywhere. They have been found in hotels, airplanes, taxis, buses, theaters, libraries, and just about anywhere there are a lot of tourists or people in general. We began checking online at and were shocked at how widespread this problem is today. We realized that while we could not totally protect ourselves while away, we could stop any invasion of our home when we returned from trips. The most effective way to do this is by using heat. (Chemicals and sprays do not do it and this is part of what makes it so hard to stop the spread of these horrible little creatures ) All bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs will be killed with a tempeature of 120 degrees for 20 minutes. We searched all over for a solution and when we found the Staber Industries drying cabinet we knew we had found the ideal solution. It can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and is large enough to hold an entire suitcase. We felt this was our answer. We have the residential unit and if I had room for two more, I would get them. The unit runs on a regular 110 outlet and does not need to be vented. It has three pull down shelves and can come with a shoe or boot rack which we got. It works perfectly for what we got it for and we feel very comfortable after we “cook” everything we bring home that does not get washed and dried in our regular machines. We do backpacks, all luggage, tote bags, and tons of clothes including jackets, shoes and more.

Besides being the perfect answer for our above concerns, we also found we could use this unit for much more than we ever anticipated. We use it for woolens or items we do not want to shrink since it has an “air fluff” setting. We use it for shoes, boots, and rain gear. We use the shelves for drying delicate sweaters and hang shirts or items we do not wish to wrinkle too much. We dry mittens and gloves by putting them on the prongs of the shelves so air can get inside the finger sections. It is hard to think of all that we dry in that cabinet. It seems like it is always running. It has a good interior design and can allow you to fit almost anything in for drying. You can hang a blouse or shirt and still have a shelf down for a sweater or something else. The combinations of shelves that move up and out of the way for long hanging items makes the unit so flexible. The unit has now worked faithfully with no problems for years and gets used daily. We have come to really depend on it. As we stated above we would love to have room for two more.” Ron & Anne Yatteau

Knoxville, Tennessee

We love our Staber drying cabinet. We designed our bathroom/laundry room for the Whirlpool drying cabinet several years ago. We built the dryer into custom cabinetry. It broke after only a few years and we were upset to find out it had been made in Europe. Whirlpool no longer sold or serviced the unit any longer. When we discovered the Staber we were worried it would not be built in America but were happy to learn that it was and that any problems could be solved in the future. We just came home from a vacation and its so nice to do all the trip washing and then hang the clothes in the cabinet and quickly put them away. Drying cabinets protect your clothes from the wear and tear of a tumble dryer. All of my friends are jealous of my drying cabinet. I think every house should have one.

Susan Schilling

Torrance, California

“I have had a Staber Drying Cabinet for 5 years.  In a nutshell, I love it… love it!  We are a family who hand washes many sweaters, silks, fragile cottons, etc…. If it weren’t for the drying cabinet, I would have clothes constantly hung and laid out throughout my entire house. I did a lot of research before I decided upon Staber.  I could not be happier with my decision.  It is compact, yet holds a lot… and it works extremely well.  I have had only one problem with my unit since purchase, and the people at Staber were so helpful and responsive in solving it quickly.  Their service level is quite impressive. I am a totally satisfied customer. I would strongly endorse this product… and any other Staber product, given my experience with this fine and reputable company.”

Lori Hricik

It keeps the Mrs. happy! and as you know…..happy Wife, happy life..haha Thanks, it has worked as advertised.

Mike Hopkins


 We are in Florida enjoying our Staber Drying Cabinet here. The drying cabinet has worked perfectly. All of the various contractors (electricians, interior designer, carpenters, tilers, etc.) have all been very curious and have many questions.

Staber Drying Cabinets remain number “1” in Polly’s list of Top 10 appliances she has ever owned.


Edward Hanton


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